2018 Election Cycle!

Hello, Democrats,
The Election Cycle of 2018 has launched! And, we’re looking forward to an action-packed year of activities. We’re going to elect Democrats statewide in November 2018!

Over the last several weeks, our Ward Chairs and Vice-Chairs have met with Chelsey Evans, the DPNM Field Director. We’re measuring capacity and planning voter contact efforts for upcoming elections through their Ward Plans and Neighborhood Engagement Plans. Immediately, we’re focusing on GOTV for the February 6,  2018 SFPS/SFCC bond election, and on voter education regarding Ranked-Choice Voting and GOTV for the March 6, 2018 Santa Fe MunicipalElection. Francesca DiPalma and Chelsey are finalizing our 2018 Field Plan to include key voter contact efforts to be implemented at the Ward level. Check-in with your Ward Chair and let’s get ready to canvass and phone bank now!

All Democrats are anxiously anticipating our Ward meetings at which we’ll elect delegates to the DPNM Pre-Primary Convention on March 10, 2018 in Albuquerque. DPSFC’s organizing committee works diligently to produce an exciting County Convention for all Santa Fe County Democrats. Even if you’re not a Delegate or Alternate, please plan to attend our February 23, 2018 County Convention to join in the excitement and fun, and to hear all of the candidates for Federal and statewide offices. I hope that you notice that your party is improving its organization, its effectiveness, its activity and its focus on winning Democratic elective positions up and down the ballot. We have a staff of one person, a growing number of active volunteers, some basic costs like modest rent and essential insurance. We aspire to add more people power to Democratic candidates’ campaigns to help them win.

Please contribute what you can and know that about 400 donors giving about $11 per month would supply the key core of our presently estimated $65,000 annual expense. In 2017, we grew our community of donors to about a third of that and did most of it in the last two quarters. We are well on our way to becoming sustainable based on the consistent support of a wide group of members. Join us.

Keep up with your County Party and all of the other activities and events we have planned…like the Santa Fe County Young Democrats meet-and-greet on February 18, 2018 at Paloma on Guadalupe Street or forums for Santa Fe City Council and mayor at the Center for Progress and Justice. Your County Party has been busy…ensuring we elect and retain Democrats up and down the ticket! We welcome your support and your active participation.


Todd McElroy
County Chair